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Rather et alLaurie Nadel, editor of Dan Rather's Lessons from the Field on the set with Dan Rather, Larry King, and MindBodyNetwork President Tore Kesicki

Dan Rather's Lessons From The Field — Edited by Laurie Nadel

Sixth Sense — Four-time best-seller, featured twice on Oprah

Happiness Genes (with James Baird, Ph.D.) — Winner of 2011 USA Best Book Award, Spirituality Genre (2010)

Dancing with the Wind — Nominated for National Book Award — now available in a Kindle edition

It remains a magnet for inquisitive minds:  "Hello Dr. Nadel, I am a professor at the University of California, Davis and I am writing a book with a working title of, Drinking the Wind: Searching for Heroes, Ocean Adventurers, and the World's Fastest Sailor.  When I came across your wonderful book, Dancing with the Wind: A True Story of Zen in the Art of Windsurfing it seemed like kismet.  Thank you for writing such a wonderful and powerful book.  All the best,  Sean Owens, DVM, DACVP"

Read the review of Dancing with the Wind that ran in the East Hampton Star back in 2002.


Sixth Sense — Four-time best-seller, featured twice on Oprah, and now an Audiobook you can enjoy for free with a trial subscription to Amazon's Audible service.  A breif excerpt from the audiobook is available via this Youtube link.

Sixth Sense coverCongratulations Laurie.  Your cover is so pretty and what is inside is even more beautiful.
— Rachel Hott, Co-Director,
NLP Center of New York

In the New York Times

L.I. At Worship:  A Survivor's Harrowing Journey Toward Peace and Redemption

For Island's Muslims, a Time to Be Wary

9/11:  Balm and Bane of Relationships

Finding An Inner Balance, Chasing A Dream

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Case Report:  A Non-Surgical, Non-Pharmacologic, Mind-Body Intervention for Ovarian Tumor (Journal of Psychology and Clinical Psychiatry)

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