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During my first career as a journalist, I spent twenty years writing and producing hard news, meaning those grisly clips of people whose lives were going along in normal until a sudden, violent event ripped the ground out from under them.  The heavy work load and tight deadlines required clinical focus and detachment.  But I couldn't help wondering what happened to those people after the cameras left.

After leaving the news business, I earned two doctorates through independent study:  a Ph.D. in Cognitive Psychology and another in Clinical Hypnotherapy.  I later completed post-doctoral diplomas in mind-body medicine and clinical homeopathy.

I opened my private practice in 1991 focusing on stress and health issues, especially burnout; anxiety/phobias; and trauma issues.  In the past three decades, it has been my privilege to be able to help many successful people process traumatic loss, phobias and anxiety so they can lead healthy and fulfilling lives.

Dr Nadel
Life is a luminous pause
between two mysteries
that are yet as one.
– Carl Jung

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In these unstable times, who among us is not searching for inner safety and calm?  In my own search for a reliable way to release painful emotions, I have discovered SoulCollage®, a hands-on process that bypasses the rational mind and lets us tap into our own creativity and inner wisdom.

Based on the work of Carl Jung, SoulCollage helps you enter an altered state of mindful relaxation.  Through a dialogue with your own unique images, SoulCollage can offer hope, healing and strength so you can move forward in these uncertain times with grace and compassion for yourself and others.  SoulCollage enhances the power of one-on-one sessions. You can anticipate breakthroughs and Aha! moments.  To schedule your private SoulCollage session, get in touch .

HealingThree Phases Of Healing Trauma

Are you feeling more anxious these days?

If so, you are not alone.  Anxiety levels have increased 51% between 2016 and 2018, according to the American Psychiatric Association.  A new APA survey finds that Americans are extremely worried about their health, safety and finances.  And that doesn't include tens of thousands of people who are suffering from Acute Stress Disorder resulting from surviving or witnessing a life-shattering event; Post-traumatic Stress Disorder resulting from an event in the past; phobias; nightmares and other sleep disturbances ; and addictions and substance abuse.

Intrusive memories and flashbacks to sexual assault and abuse in the workplace can surface many years after the original event.  Since 1989, I have been providing comprehensive PTSD assessments with notes and documentation for women who have been sexually abused or assaulted at work.


V.T. – Vicarious Traumatization:  Yes, you can develop symptoms of acute stress and/or PTSD from watching the news.  Events like Dr. Christine Blasey Ford's testimony triggered flashbacks, hypervigilance, and anxiety among many women who had not consciously recalled their abuse for years.  These intrusive mind-movies replay spontaneously as the mind attempts to release the painful emotions connected to the event.  But replaying trauma scenes often produces an opposite response:  Instead of releasing the feelings connected to the event, each replay causes us to relive something we were helpless to prevent.

Three Phases of Healing

Emotional first aid and self-care:  These rapid exercises are designed to work in the field when people are under pressure to make survival decisions while in shock.  They work within seconds to defuse panic and lower anxiety levels.  Dr. Laurie's EFA exercises have been deployed by first responders and teachers in Parkland, FL.

Stop the flashbacks.  Reboot.

This hypnotherapy journey to the "Hall of Therapeutic Amnesia" helps to neutralize the flashback reflex.  You can forget to remember what you don't need to think about while meeting your Older, Wiser Self who has already come through this experience.  Let your soul catch up.

Let your soul catch up:  To heal spiritually after a traumatic experience, we need to learn how to give ourselves soul vitamins, just as we would feed a baby bird liquid vitamins in a dropper.  Dr. Laurie draws upon her training with spiritual healers to open the way for your soul to begin to heal in its own way.

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