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Dr. Laurie Nadel

Empathic.  Responsive.  Experienced.

Dr. Laurie Nadel sees clients in New York City/Long Island and Miami.

Dr Nadel

In private practice since 1991, her specialty is helping people with anxiety issues: acute stress/traumatic events, PTSD, and phobias.

With doctorates in cognitive psychology and clinical hypnotherapy, she has completed post-doctoral diplomas in clinical homeopathy and clinical training in mind-body medicine with Dr. Herbert Benson She is a master practitioner of NLP. From 1994 -2004, she spent part of each year living and training with indigenous healers and shamans in South America so that she can offer accelerated changework that draws upon ancient wisdom and cutting edge new science.

The Five GiftsAvailable Via Amazon

Her new book, The Five Gifts: Uncommon Wisdom for Troubling Times, will be published by Health Communications Inc. in 2018.

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After the Fall:  The Rise of a 9/11 Community Center

On September 11, 2001, the main buildings at New York's World Trade Center were destroyed, killing thousands of people and leaving their families and friends bereft.  Dr. Nadel ran one of the key support programs created to help victims' loved ones cope with their loss.  Subsequently, Dr. Nadel wrote a film about this effort, After the Fall:  The Rise of a 9/11 Community Center.  Previously, for the tenth anniversary of the tragedy, Dr. Nadel wrote an article for Huffington Post depicting an episode of her experience.

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